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Toast 10 Version History

Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.9(569)

  • Various OS compatibility fixes have been implemented
  • Resolves issue where some users are unable to capture web-video
  • Resolves issue where some users receive an expiration message from Toast Video Player 


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.8

  • Removes erroneous pre-release message on launch


  • Resolves issue where TiVo Premiere models may not be able to access published video

DiscCatalogMaker v5.5.6

  • Resolves issue where progress bar is not always updated correctly when specific third-party file system extensions are present
  • Fixes other minor bugs


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.7

  • iPad video export profile now available as device setting for video exports
  • TiVo recordings (US only) can now be exported at 640x480 resolution
  • Resolves issue where text entered may appear outside text field
  • Resolves issue where DVD-Video volume with \ in name may be handled incorrectly
  • Resolves issue which may cause application to crash


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.6a

  • Updated TiVo Transfer application to resolve issue where some TiVo DVRs may not be seen on local network


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.6

  • Resolves issue where adding VIDEO_TS or Image files may result in error message
  • Resolves issue where dragging EyeTV recordings to content area may result in error message
  • Resolves an issue where some DivX/AVI recordings may have AV sync issues when authored to Blu-ray Disc
  • Resolves an issue that caused SVCD projects to return a –50 error code
  • Resolves issue playing back US TiVo recordings


Toast  10 Titanium v10.0.5

  • Resolves issue importing some FLV (Video for Adobe Flash) which is incorrectly authored or contains non-standard metadata
  • Resolves issue where some AVCHD source video experienced AV sync issues after conversion or authoring
  • Improved interoperability with Turbo.264 hardware H.264 encoder
  • Resolves issue burning Sparse Images
  • Use of mouse scroll wheel no longer opens additional dialogs
  • Resolves issue that may cause Disc Utility (Mac OS X v10.6 only) to show burned discs as damaged

CD Spin Doctor 6.1.2

  • Resolves several cosmetic issues related to the appearance of the audio waveform
  • Resolves several issues related to capturing and saving audio from various sources


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.4

  • Resolves issue mounting BD media


Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.3

  • Resolves issue handling AAC audio in non-MPEG4 container
  • 1440x1080 video exported for PlayStation 3 now correctly plays back at 16:9
  • Chapter marked from QuickTime movies are now handled correctly
  • Disc Image Mounting should now function correctly on both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel
  • Mount It and Toast It should now appear correctly on all supported operating systems
  • iPhone 3GS generated video with vetical orientation now has correct resolution and aspect ratio when converted
  • Photo Discs created with Toast 10.0.3 and higher should no longer generate a crash when launching Slideshow application
  • Chapter titles imported from specific QuickTime movies are now imported with proper characters
  • Resolves issue that may cause Blu-Ray video or AVCHD discs created with Toast to not play or display a black screen on some Blu-ray players
  • Resolves various issues related to merging multiple video clips
  • Resolves an issue that may cause a crash when mounting volumes
  • Resolves an issue with EyeTV recordings being burned as Blu-ray video
  • Resolves an issue encoding specific MPEG-1 files that previously failed with Error –39
  • Resolves issue where some AAC audio being exported or authored contained background noise
  • Resolves timestamp related issue when burning to DVD-R
  • Resolves issue where working with specific DV files may have caused Toast to crash
  • Resolves issue with event handling, scrolling mouse wheel should no longer invoke dialog boxes

TiVo Transfer v2.0

  • Resolves issue where application does not launch

CD Spin Doctor v6.1.1t

  • Resolves issue where system audio capture driver may generate error message on Snow Leopard
  • Resolves issue that may cause audio waveform not to be drawn correctly for long recordings
  • Resolves issue that may cause crash when scrubbing back and forth through audio waveform
  • Resolves several issues related to Auto Music Capture

Streamer v2.1

  • Resolves several issues related to video being inaccessible remotely

Disc Cover 2 RE v2.3.2

  • Resolves user interface display issues
  • Resolves issue where application may not always launch correctly

Get Backup RE v2.2.2

  • Resolves user interface display issues
  • Resolves issue where system messages did not always appear in log window
  • Resolves issue some users may experience changing or adding files to incremental archives
  • Resolves issue saving folder properties
  • Improved handling of filenames which contain special ASCII characters

Mac2TiVo 1.1

  • Resolves several issues that may have caused problems when accessing video from your TiVo DVR



Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.2

  • Resolves crash issue that may occur with some FLAC audio files
  • Resolves issue when converting QuickTime movies with text tracks
  • Improved handling of corrupt PCM audio packets

CD Spin Doctor v6.0.2t

  • Resolves various localization issues
  • Resolves compatibility issues with some third party devices which may cause Auto Music Capture to fail  
  • Documentation can be launched from Help menu

Get Backup v2.1

  • Resolves various localization issues
  • Resolves crash issue that may occur when deleting projects
  • Resolves issue that may cause opening saved projects to fail



Toast 10 Titanium v10.0.1

  • Improved handling of AIFF audio files
  • Resolves issue where some users may be unable to add audio to Music DVD project
  • Resolves issue where creating Audiobook project may result in –35 error
  • Resolves issue where users may be unable to remove video from appearing in the Web Video Media Browser view
  • Resolves issue that may occur when creating disc images so that users are not prompted for additional information
  • Resolves crash that may occur when opening audio projects saved in a previous version of Toast
  • Audiobook projects will be split automatically if they become larger than iTunes is able to play back
  • AVCHD Archive discs created from memory card-based cameras should now play correctly on Blu-ray players


CD Spin Doctor v6.0.1t

  • Resolves issue where waveform may not be drawn correct after updating to Mac OS X v10.5.6
  • Resolves issue where Auto Music Capture may not begin capturing audio correctly


DiscCatalogMaker v5.5.4

  • Resolves issue that causes crash when generating thumbnail image of a corrupt file


Get Backup v2.0.2

  • Resolves issue which may cause application to respond slowly
  • Resolves issue which may cause application to crash


Mac2TiVo v1.0.2

  • Resolves issue with duplicate items appearing on DVR
  • Resolves issue streaming long video files
  • Resolves issue where empty show list appears on DVR